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Secant pile are a series of overlapping concrete piles capable of providing earth shoring and water-tight cutoff walls. They can be installed in nearly any condition using a variety of drilling methods, but we are most efficient and effective when constructed using CFA or conventional casing systems. Tangent piles are similar, with the exception that instead of overlapping, the piles merely touch. While they do not offer the water-tightness of secant piles, they do provide a very robust shoring system in difficult conditions, particularly when tiebacks cannot be used due to site logistics or easement limitations. Our personnel have installed secant pile walls for a wide variety of purposes, to depths of up to 140 feet. Our capabilities include:

  • Design of permanent and temporary secant pile all systems.
  • Use of CFA methods to provide high production secant pile construction.
  • Use of sectional and single stroke casing for maximum verticality.
  • Use of casing spotter systems and guide walls to ensure horizontal alignment.
  • Pile installation in silts, gravels, saturated soft silts, bedrock and obstructed conditions.
  • Pile diameters ranging between 24 and 48 inches
  • Use of torque multipliers and oscillators to install and extract casing.
  • Design of cutting shoes to allow advancement not only through concrete, by also rock.
  • Circular unreinforced secant pile walls for jacking pits and utility structures.
  • Reinforced and braced secant and tangent pile walls.


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