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Kelikai has vast experience in soldier pile construction in a wide range of ground condition and access limitations. From shoring walls located miles from the nearest paved road to the deepest city-block shoring projects, our personnel understand the need for accuracy and the importance of maintaining the project schedule.
Our capabilities include:

  • Complete, permit ready design for soldier pile wall system.
  • Both permanent and temporary systems.
  • Painted, galvanized and coated piles.
  • Treated and Untreated wood lagging as well as concrete panel and hollow core lagging.
  • Shotcrete soldier pile facing.
  • Carved shortcrete fascias.
  • Installation in sand, clay, rock, caving conditions, saturated soils, boulders and cobbles.
  • Remote access projects.
  • Low clearance applications.
  • Use of casing and CFA systems in unstable ground.
  • Public and Private projects.
  • Landslide remediation.
  • Drilled and driven soldier pile installation.
  • Drilled shaft soldier piles.


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