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Kelikai is capable of drilling shafts ranging from 24 to 96 inches in diameter at depths in excess of 100 feet. Given the wide range of soils in the Hawaii, we have experience in a wide variety of subsurface conditions, including saturated soil, cemented gravels, cobbles and boulders, rock formations, concrete, obstructions and low blow count silts.

Our capabilities include:

  • Use of casing, both permanent and temporary.
  • Use of slurry to stabilize the shaft sidewalls.
  • Use of vibratory hammers, oscillators and multipliers to install and extract casing.
  • CSL, GammaGamma and SIDS testing to verify shaft construction.
  • Tremie concrete placement, both with pressure and gravity systems.
  • Use of cleanout tools and airlifts to remove loose soil at the base of shafts.
  • Use of full size, large diameter down the hole hammer systems in hard rock.
  • Hoisting and securing rebar cages below ground
  • Over-water applications, including work off trestles and barges


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