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Park Lane Ala Moana

Seven-inch cased micro-piles are installed at the luxury Park Lane Ala Moana site.
Kelikai tested this system to 300 kips in compression.
These piles provide significant load carrying capacity even in limited access/headroom applications.

Park Lane Ala MoanaPark Lane Ala MoanaPark Lane Ala MoanaPark Lane Ala MoanaPark Lane Ala Moana

Four Seasons Manele Bay Renovation Project

Massive renovations have been completed at the Lanai at Manele Bay, Four Season Resort. A portion of the project involved lowering the level of makai pool, along with widening the entire usable area in order to construct additional pools, lounge areas and cabanas. In order to increase the usable space at the pool area, mass excavation was necessary right up to the foundations of the two adjacent wings (dolphin and plumeria wings) of the hotel.
Worried about potential settlement (sinking) during excavation, engineers required several of the existing column footings to be underpinned with a deep foundation system, to keep the buildings secure and in place. 5.5" diameter cased micro-piles were installed as the deep foundation element to help shore up the two hotel wings. Our limited access drill rig installed the piles a minimum of 15 feet into the sound bedrock, in order to provide enough load capacity to fully support the above structure.
With the demanding schedule put forth by the ownership, and the fact that the entire project must be completed by the end of March 2016, mass excavation had to occur right behind us, mandating an on time finish. They were literally nipping at our heals!
Chance "under footing" bracket couples to the top of our micro-pile system and then anchors permanently to the existing footing. Each one of these brackets has a load carrying capacity of 46,000 pounds. With our hydraulic jacking system, we actually pick the building up off the soil in order to transfer the load to the piles. There is also a heavy duty 70,000 pound bracket option if higher load capacities are needed.
The photos show you just how close the excavation came to the hotel footings/foundations. We were able to install our drilled and cased underpinning system in just under two weeks keeping the makai pool project moving forward and on schedule. Nordic PCL was so pleased, they decided to have us install additional piles to go beneath two separate retaining wall systems that were to be constructed.

Four Seasons Manele Bay Renovation ProjectFour Seasons Manele Bay Renovation ProjectFour Seasons Manele Bay Renovation ProjectFour Seasons Manele Bay Renovation ProjectFour Seasons Manele Bay Renovation Project
Four Seasons Manele Bay Renovation ProjectFour Seasons Manele Bay Renovation Project

Gartley Hall

Being that Gartley Hall has been designated as a historic building, the entire building exterior had to remain basically untouched, while a new foundation, new roof and new floors were constructed. The photos show the roof and interior floor demolition, micro-pile Installation to support all four perimeter walls and Chance Underpinning Bracket System that allows us to lift the building out of the ground in order to construct the new footing/foundation.

Gartley HallGartley HallGartley HallGartley HallGartley Hall

Puowaina Bridge Slope Stabilization

Due to continuing erosion over the years, the "uphill" abutment for this critical link to the Tantalus/Round Top residential area needed to be stabilized and protected. Repair plans called for construction of an structural shotcrete facing to prevent any escalation of the erosion and undermining of the abutment.
The reinforced shotcrete facing was anchored with 20 drilled and temporarily cased 4.5" soil/rock anchors installed into the underlying rock and soil strata. Crews mobilized multiple pieces of "long reach" equipment to solve the access issues at this site. Structural Systems' customized drilling platform is equipped with a 360º hydraulically powered arm capable of installing drilled systems over a wide range of angles.
The anchor locations extended to approximately 50 feet above a very active and narrow 2 lane roadway. Each anchor was drilled through an initial shotcrete layer into the substrate material. All anchors were tested and permanently locked off at the specified loading. An architectural shotcrete fascia sculpted to look like rock provided the final permanent and aesthetically natural finish.

Puowaina Bridge Slope StabilizationPuowaina Bridge Slope StabilizationPuowaina Bridge Slope Stabilization

West Maui Seawall Rehabilitation

Sinkholes the size of Volkswagons were a continuing problem for this West Maui AOAO. Over the years, the ocean swells would undermine the existing seawall, resulting in large voids and the erosion of the soils and sands behind the wall (sinkholes). The project team worked with the pertinent government agencies to come up with an environmentally friendly solution, that allowed us to permanently stabilize the seawall in place, while completing all major work on the mauka side of the seawall.
To create a new curtain wall system beneath the wall, the first step was to drill down and advance our tube-a-manchette system all the way to the coral shelf below. Once placed, the tube-a-manchette system allows us to place environmentally friendly permeation grouts, which cement all the unstable sand particles together, into a hardened mass. We are able to precisely monitor how much material is being placed at each location, but more importantly at each vertical stage of injection. This helps us ensure that we are a creating a monolithic mass beneath the wall, which is exactly what you want.

West Maui Seawall RehabilitationWest Maui Seawall RehabilitationWest Maui Seawall RehabilitationWest Maui Seawall RehabilitationWest Maui Seawall Rehabilitation
West Maui Seawall RehabilitationWest Maui Seawall Rehabilitation

Ala Moana Center Ewa Expansion

The world famous Ala Moana Center, went through an almost $1 billion expansion in 2015, and Kelikai was a key team member in getting that project completed. Working as a subcontractor to Hawaiian Dredging, we installed over 200 cased micro-piles as a deep foundation system for the new ewa wing. While the structure would mainly rest on the newly installed augercast piles, due to the large size of the ACIP rig, micro-piles were designed to help support the perimeter foundation locations.
Over 200 5.5” diameter cased micro-piles were installed fifty to sixty feet in depth, down to the coral bearing material. These piles were installed along the Piikoi ramp, along the Old Navy perimeter wall, as well as underneath the new Mauka parking structure. The project specification required a pre-production compression test on a sacrificial pile (ASTM D1143), in test the strength and stability of the coral shelf below. While the needed 2 to 1 safety factor only required us to test the pile to a 160 kip load, we continued to load the pile to 240 kips, until we the test frame began to bend and we terminated the test. The pile was actually still holding strong at the 240 kip load.

Ala Moana Center Ewa ExpansionAla Moana Center Ewa ExpansionAla Moana Center Ewa ExpansionAla Moana Center Ewa ExpansionAla Moana Center Ewa Expansion

Kamehameha Schools Malalo

Kamehameha Schools MalaloKamehameha Schools MalaloKamehameha Schools MalaloKamehameha Schools Malalo

Former Lihue Courthouse

Former Lihue CourthouseFormer Lihue CourthouseFormer Lihue Courthouse

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