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Kelikai specializes in the installation of CFA piles using ground-breaking technology. CFA piles are the new generation of auger cast piles, installed using fully computer monitored European style drill rigs rather than a bulky crane and leads setup.

Kelikai is capable of drilling shafts ranging from 24 to 96 inches in diameter at depths in excess of 100 feet.

Micropiles are frequently used where a deep foundation system is required in difficult substrata conditions, or where driven piles or large diameter systems are impractical due to subsurface obstructions, or limitations presented by existing buildings at or adjacent to the project site.

Our crews have worked with virtually every geotechnical engineering firm in the state to successfully Bid/Design/Build numerous shoring projects.

With thousands of anchor and soil nail installations in place over the years, we have encountered a broad and varying range of soil conditions around the state.

Kelikai has vast experience in soldier pile construction in a wide range of ground condition and access limitations. From shoring walls located miles from the nearest paved road to the deepest city-block shoring projects, our personnel understand the need for accuracy and the importance of maintaining the project schedule.

The longest seawall in the state is at the West End of the island of Maui. Over 1000 feet long, we were tasked with stopping the erosion of the foundation of the wall attributable to tides and wave activity.

Secant pile are a series of overlapping concrete piles capable of providing earth shoring and water-tight cutoff walls. They can be installed in nearly any condition using a variety of drilling methods, but we are most efficient and effective when constructed using CFA or conventional casing systems.

Kelikai’s personnel and equipment allow us to provide a wide range of services to our clients, allowing us to package various items of work into a single contract. This limits the need to coordinate between multiple subcontractors, as we can be your single point of contact.

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